A Workflow Management System for the Maritime Industry

This ESPRIT project is funded by the Swiss Federal Office for Education and Science (Bundesamt für Bildung und Wissenschaft, BBW).

The aim of the MARIFlow project is to provide a prototype of an architecture for automating and monitoring the follow of control and data over the Internet among different organizations. This "electronic medium", capable of delivering value-added services to the participants, encompasses many different technological areas: from communication to security, databases, transaction support and agents.

Visit also the official MARIFlow homepage of the Software Research and Development Center (SRDC) at METU and the MARIFlow homepage of the I&K Systems Research Group.


27 months
The project has been concluded in April 2001.


SFr. 232'514.-


Prof. H.-J. Schek
Prof. A. Dogac (Middle East Technical University, Turkey; Project Leader)
Prof. G. Alonso
Prof. C. Beeri (Hebrew University, Israel)
Uwe Langbecker (Germanischer Lloyd, Germany)

Markus Lehne (BALance Technology Consulting, Germany)

Matthias Wolf (Salzgitter AG, Germany)

ISISAN, Turkey

Local projects involved

Transacxtional Process Management (Dr. Heiko Schuldt)

contacts: Prof. H.-J. Schek

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