Esprit Project 22552 - PASTEL:
Persistent Application Systems, Technologies, Environments and Languages

This ESPRIT Working Group project is funded by the Bundesamt für Bildung und Wissenschaft (BBW).


The goal of persistent programming is to support the activity of application construction for long-lived, concurrently accessed and potentially large bodies of data and programs, referred to here as Persistent Applications Systems (PASs).

The Pastel consortium recognises that the individual components, methods and tools that support PASs have largely been developed independently by different research communities and different kinds of IT companies. The result is that the designers and programmers working to build a PAS have to operate in an environment that is very complex. Pastel has the vision of a consistent and coherent environment which yields a quantum leap in the productivity of PAS software engineers.

The Pastel Working Group has two major goals: the continuation of research into outstanding issues in the specification, design, implementation and maintenance of Persistent Application Systems; and the dissemination of persistence technology, including the promotion of persistence research within European industry.

See the PASTEL homepage at St. Andrews University, Glasgow, for more information.

We participate in the following research themes (RT):

  1. RT2: Optimisation of ODMG/OQL Interfaces to PASs,
  2. RT 3.3: User Interfaces to Persistent Object Systems, and
  3. RT 4.1: Turning Persistence Technology into Commercial Tools and Products.
  4. And we are leader of
    RT 5: Interoperability between Persistent Object Managers.


36 months


SFr. 30'651.-


Prof. H.-J. Schek (ETHZ)
Prof. J. Schmidt (TU Hamburg)
Prof. M. Scholl (Uni Konstanz)
Prof. A. Kemper (Uni Passau)
Prof. A. Albano (University of Pisa)

contacts: Prof. H.-J. Schek

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