Workflow Based Internet Services

This Project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) within the main emphasis program SPP I&K.

The WISE (Workflow based Internet Services) project aims at designing, building, and testing a commercially viable infrastructure for developing distributed applications over the Internet.

Visit also the WISE homepage of the I&K Systems Research Group.


24 months


SFr. 650'000.-


Prof. H.-J. Schek (Main Contractor)
Prof. G. Alonso (Project Leader)
Prof. B. Plattner
Dr. h. c. Lienhard (IvyTeam)
Urs Jenny (Online Solutions)

Local projects involved

Transactional Process Management (Dr. Heiko Schuldt)
IvyBeans (Christoph Schuler)

Transactions in E-Commerce

contacts: Prof. H.-J. Schek

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