Advanced Querying and Coordination of Multimedia Information in ETH World: Feasibility Study and Prototype Demonstrator

This project will contribute to an infrastructure for information exchange and cooperation within ETH World, which will be the virtual campus of ETH Zurich. ETH World will consist of many multimedia information sources, e.g. databases about projects, rooms, or staff, and web documents containing information about research groups, students, or (online) courses. From a global point of view, these information sources are not independent of each other. They may refer to the same piece of information. In this context, we will tackle two problem areas that are of particular interest to ETH World:

how to achieve consistency of information among different heterogeneous, multimedia information sources and

how to support user-friendly and efficient search mechanisms for finding the right information in such a huge, virtually integrated information space.

For more details, we refer you to the project description. There is also a first status report available, which can also be read online (sorry, needs Internet Explorer). If you are interested in user-friendly multimedia search, have a look at our online demo page of Chariot, a prototype system for fast and feedback-aware image similarity search.

For general information about the ETH World project please visit the ETH World Homepage.


24 month


SFr. 304.000.- by ETH Zurich

Related Research Areas

Multimedia Information Management

Transactional Coordination in Composite Systems

contacts: Prof. H.-J. Schek

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