Exploiting Atomic Broadcast in Replicated Databases.

Title Exploiting Atomic Broadcast in Replicated Databases.
Author(s) D. Agrawal, G. Alonso, A. El Abbadi, I. Stanoi
Type inproceedings
Booktitle Proceedings of Euro-Par'97
Passau, Germany
Organization Institute for Information Systems, ETH Zürich
Month August
Year 1997


In this paper, we propose a series of protocols that eliminate the mismatch between database transactions and broadcast communication in the context of replicated databases. Our goal is twofold. From a database perspective, by using a powerful broadcast communication primitive, we hope to simplify the management of replicated databases and perhaps obtain some benefits. In particular, broadcasts can be used to guarantee the consistency of multiple copies and at the same time avoid some of the pitfalls of previous proposals based on point-to-point communication, namely reducing the probability of deadlocks. In fact, in this paper we show that broadcast primitives hold the promise of eliminating single object deadlocks, and either localizing deadlock resolution or even completely eliminating deadlocks. Our second goal is to provide a realistic platform for evaluating some of the broadcast primitives. We show that if broadcast are powerful enough to provide certain ``atomicity'' guarantees, the database application can execute transactions very efficiently while almost completely eliminating deadlocks. However, if such atomic properties are weakened due to various system assumptions, a database application that requires strict database consistency must perform its own atomic commitment operations in spite of the properties of broadcast primitives.
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