A Framework of a Generic Index for Spatio-Temporal Data in Concert

Title A Framework of a Generic Index for Spatio-Temporal Data in Concert
Author(s) A. Kuckelberg, L. Relly, H.-J. Schek
Type Article
In Workshop on Spatio-Temporal Database Management (STDBM 99), Edinburgh, Scotland
Organization Institute for Information Systems, ETH Zurich
Month September
Year 1999


In this paper we present the prototype database system Concert and the incorporation of a framework of a generic index tree for spatio-temporal data. We show the ideas behind the Concert architecture as far as they are important t o understand the framework approach presented. We show how the index is based on the conceptual behaviour of data in contrast to generalized algorithms or metho ds. Because of the simplicity of R-trees we take an R-tree like structure to exp lain our generic spatio-temporal index. It is remarkable that in Concert a generic index can be defined without any predefined "hard-wired" spatial or temporal da ta types such as intervals or rectangles. As it turns out the only important pro perties needed are an OVERLAP and a SPLIT function, the first one checking for spatial or temporal overlap of objects, the second one providing a hierarchical de composition of the data space into subspaces. If, in addition, splitting of data objects is allowed we are able to de,ne manageable node sizes, leading to an im proved generic index similar to R+-trees or other derivations.

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