The WISE Approach to Electronic Commerce

Title The WISE Approach to Electronic Commerce
Author(s) A. Lazcano, G. Alonso, H. Schuldt, C. Schuler
Type article
Booktitle International Journal of Computer Systems Science & Engineering. Special Issue on Flexible Workflow Technology Driving the Networked Economy
Month September
Year 2000


The growing interest in Electronic Commerce practices has led to a wide variety of models trying to capture the subtleties and complexities of the electronic marketplace. In this paper, we discuss a model based on trading communities, virtual business processes and virtual enterprises. These concepts are at the heart of the WISE (Workflow based Internet SErvices) project, where we have used them to drive the design and implementation of software tools for business to business electronic commerce. The paper briefly describes the model and shows how it is being used in practice as part of the WISE research effort.

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