Extensional Assertions and Integrity Constraints in Federated Schemata

Title Extensional Assertions and Integrity Constraints in Federated Schemata
Author(s) C. Türker, G. Saake
Type article
Booktitle Information Systems, Vol. 25, No. 8, pp. 503-526
Month December
Year 2000


Integrated access to multiple data sources requires a homogeneous interface provided by a federated schema. Such a federated schema should correctly reflect the semantics of the component schemata of which it is composed. Since the semantics of a database schema is also determined by a set of semantic integrity constraints, a correct schema integration has to deal with integrity constraints existing in the different component schemata. Traditionally, most schema integration approaches solely concentrate on the structural integration of given database schemata. Local integrity constraints are often simply neglected. Their relationship to global extensional assertions, which form the basic integration constraints, are even ignored completely. In this paper, we discuss the impact of global extensional assertions and local integrity constraints on federated schemata. In particular, we point out the correspondence between local integrity constraints and global extensional assertions. The knowledge about the correspondences between the given integrity constraints and extensional assertions can then be utilized for an augmented schema integration process.

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