Workflow Management: the Next Generation of Distributed Processing Tools

Title Workflow Management: the Next Generation of Distributed Processing Tools
Author(s) G. Alonso, C. Mohan
Type bookchapter
Booktitle Advanced Transaction Models and Architures, Sushil Jajodia and Larry Kerschberg (eds.)
Organization Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year 1997


Workflow management systems have attracted a great deal of attention due to their ability to integrate heterogeneous, distributed applications into coherent business processing environments. In spite of their limitations, existing products are enjoying a considerable success but it would be a mistake not to try to see beyond current systems and applications. In today's computer environments, the trend towards using many small computers instead of a few big ones has revived the old dream of distributed computing. There is, however, a significant lack of tools for implementing, operating and maintaining such systems. In particular, there are no good programming paradigms for parallel architectures in which the basic building blocks are stand alone systems. Workflow management provides this key functionality, suggesting its potential as crucial component of any distributed environment. This chapter describes in detail such functionality and provides some insight on how it can be applied in environments other than business processing.
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