Enhanced User Support for Mobile Ad-hoc-Processes

Title Enhanced User Support for Mobile Ad-hoc-Processes
Author(s) Klaus Haller, Michelle Ackermann, Claudio Munari, Can Türker
Type preprint
Booktitle Beitragsband zum Workshop Grundlagen und Anwendungen mobiler Informationstechnologie
Fakultät für Informatik, Universität Magdeburg
Organization Institut für Informationssysteme
Month March
Year 2004


In ubiquitous application scenarios, the information (processing) needs of nomadic users often cannot be satisfied by a set of pre-installed processes like in common workflow systems. Instead, nomadic users require ad-hoc processes that are unique (personalized) and usually do not appear in the same way more than once. As a consequence, ubiquitous applications also require a sophisticated user management such that ad-hoc processes and users may find each other and interact dynamically, for instance, to implement/use location-aware services. In addition, ad-hoc processes must be able to dynamically adapt to changing conditions which often occur in ubiquitous application scenarios.We recently implemented user management, location-based services, and dynamic process changes as an integral part of the AMOR (Agents, MObility, tRansactions) system. This paper sketches these extensions of AMOR towards a prototype system for a peer-to-peer-based ubiquitous process execution environment with enhanced user support.

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