Database Technology in Workflow Environments

Title Database Technology in Workflow Environments
Author(s) G. Alonso, H.-J. Schek
Type article
Booktitle Informatik
Organization Institute for Information Systems, ETH Zurich
Year 1996


While databases guarantee the safe storage and easy access to massive amounts of data, workflow management systems are intended as the basic support for information flow in those same environments where databases are used. However, the current state of the art of workflow engines is far behind that of databases and transaction processing. The successful incorporation of workflow systems into the corporation greatly depends on the ability to make workflows a technology as mature and resilient as existing databases. In our opinion, the best approach to deal with the important weaknesses of commercial products is to extend database technology to the new application environment. This involves importing existing solutions, but also a great deal of research as the demands of the new environments are considerably larger than those of today's database systems.
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