Coordination Approaches for CIM

Title Coordination Approaches for CIM
Author(s) M. C. Norrie, M. Wunderli, R. Montau, U. Leonhardt, W. Schaad, H.-J. Schek
Type inproceedings
Booktitle Proc. of the European Workshop on Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Organization Institute of Information Systems, ETH Zurich
Month December
Year 1994


We propose a general architecture for Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) based on the coordination, rather than integration, of component systems. The coordination process is achieved through inter-system dependencies controlled by a central, global coordinator. Coordination, like integration, may be either data- or application-oriented. In the case of data-oriented coordination, multidatabase technologies may be exploited to maintain global data consistency. For application-oriented coordination, the global coordinator uses operational dependencies as a basis for the invocation of methods in remote systems. We examine each of these orientations in detail and then provide a comparison of approaches. Specifically, we describe two prototype systems developed in the context of the CIM/Z project.

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