Unified Transaction Model for Semantically Rich Operations

Title Unified Transaction Model for Semantically Rich Operations
Author(s) R. Vingralek, H. Ye, Y. Breitbart, H.-J. Schek
Type techreport
Organization Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich
Month July
Year 1994


We present here a unified transaction model for database systems with semantically rich operations. Based on our previous work, we develop constructive correctness criteria that encompass both serializability and failure atomicity in a uniform manner. As it turns out, an exact characterization of the class of prefix reducible schedules that was introduced for the simple read/write model by Alonso et al. is infeasible. Thus, we propose here two sufficiently rich subclasses of prefix reducible schedules and argue that serializability and atomicity can be unified by considering schedules from these classes. We also show that the previously proposed correctness criteria by Moss, Griffeth and Graham and by Rastogi, Korth and Silberschatz are subsumed by our model.
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