A Storage Manager for the Development of Spatial Data Structures

Title A Storage Manager for the Development of Spatial Data Structures
Author(s) L. Relly, A. Wolf
Type inproceedings
Booktitle Int. Workshop on Advanced Research in Geographic Information Systems
Organization Institute of Information Systems, ETH Zurich
Month March
Year 1994


Traditional approaches to spatial and geometrical data management are based on mappings of spatial objects to individual disk pages. However, modern operating-system and hardware technologies allow variable-sized and large I/O operations to be handled almost as efficiently as fixed-sized individual block operations, and, based on this technology, our DASDBS Storage Manager implements a nested-relational storage model supporting arbitrary-sized objects. This paper describes our experiments in exploiting such larger storage clusters for the management of spatial data and its indexing.

Our experiments show the impact of the new storage manager technology on the I/O behaviour of spatial data structures. We show that performance even of very simple spatial data managers can be significantly increased. Our results lead to a new I/O cost model for storage managers, and this can be used to provide new design criteria for spatial data structures.

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