MAGIC: Multi-Agent Infrastructure for Complex Applications

This Project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF).

The Internet is driving a rapid change of information processing from centrally designed, static systems to distributed, dynamically changing peer-to-peer systems. These will be implemented through composition of web services using standards such as SOAP, WSDL and WSFL or DAML-S. Going beyond the current standards, there is a strong evolution towards agents that combine several service invocations into workflows and processes.

This project aims at developing reliable distributed protocols for coordinated actions in multi-agent systems. These protocols will take into account that process executions in multi-agent systems, unlike traditional systems supporting the notion of transactions, takes place without centralized control. Hence, the task of guaranteeing correct and reliable executions is shifted to the community of agents and has to be solved jointly relying on the protocols to be developed. Moreover, mechanisms for planning service compositions including reliable transaction protocols will be seamlessly added.


24 months




SFr. 172'308.-


Prof. B. Faltings (Laboratoire d’Intelligence Artificielle, EPF Lausanne)

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Transactional Coordination in Composite Systems

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contacts: Prof. H.-J. Schek, K. Haller

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